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DJ-Mix: Jacker – OYM Mix #1 (2014)

OYM Mix #1 [Instrumental-Version] by Dj Jacker on Mixcloud

Versatility is the key, so about a year ago I decided the time was right for something new. As I had changed over the years – starting straight as a Drum & Bass DJ, expanding to Dubstep, Bass Music & Electronica later on and ending up mixing House and Techno as well – I thought it might be a good thing to record a mix which is compiled absolutely free – no Genre- or BPM-restrictions, no rules at all. The aim was to show people, that a combination of different sounds, no matter if it’s 170 or 130 BPM, no matter if it’s Juke, Electronica or Dubstep, can work out well..

…if you (the listener) are willing to “OPEN YOUR MIND” (OYM).
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DJ-Mix: GROOVE Am Deck #08 – Sarah Farina (2013)

Gute Podcasts sollte man nicht verpassen UND gute Podcasts bleiben gut! Also, wer ihn nicht kennt, bitte nun den AM DECK #08 nachholen. Da gibt es nämlich Juke, Quietsch-Hop, Halfstep und sonstwas vom allerfeinsten aufs Trommelfell.

Interview und Mix-Stream auf

Oder auf SC:

DJ-Mix: GROOVE Am Deck #08 – Sarah Farina (2013) weiterlesen