DJ-Mix: Jacker – OYM Mix #1 (2014)

OYM Mix #1 [Instrumental-Version] by Dj Jacker on Mixcloud

Versatility is the key, so about a year ago I decided the time was right for something new. As I had changed over the years – starting straight as a Drum & Bass DJ, expanding to Dubstep, Bass Music & Electronica later on and ending up mixing House and Techno as well – I thought it might be a good thing to record a mix which is compiled absolutely free – no Genre- or BPM-restrictions, no rules at all. The aim was to show people, that a combination of different sounds, no matter if it’s 170 or 130 BPM, no matter if it’s Juke, Electronica or Dubstep, can work out well..

…if you (the listener) are willing to “OPEN YOUR MIND” (OYM).

Back then, I took some time to structurize the set and planned to have Germany’s finest MC STUNNAH (who also was involved in choosing the tunes and genres) record some Lyrics to the beats. He did. But as fate played a cheap trick on us, his HD crashed after he finished about 80% of the job. So the thing got laid to rest, we both forgot about it and a few weeks ago, while cleaning up some files I found the mix again.

Here it is, now: OYM Mix #1 [Instrumental Version] (allthough the Vocal Version doesn’t even exist)

Enjoy, Spread the word, like it, share it, follow me (and Stunnah) everywhere and help us to take over the world! Brockout!

Alix Perez – The Cut Deepens (Feat. Foreign Beggars)
Krampfhaft – I Needed You (Om Unit Remix)
Rockwell – DJ Friendly Unit Shifter
Markoman & Tsunami – Plutonium
Apex – Entrapment
Accidental Heroes – Time Travel
Sabre – One Hundred Teeth (Maztek Remix)
Raiden – M82
Camo & Krooked – Sacrilige
Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)
Addison Groove – Oversize Clip
Archie Pelago – Prospect Dub (kuxxan SUUM Remix)
Current Value, SPL – Shy Flame (SPL Remix)
Doctor P – Black Books
RL Grime – Grapes Alla Vodka
Dot Rotten – Iceland Sky (Instrumental – Prod. By @ItsDotRotten Of Minarmy Music)
Lex Luger – Waka Flocka – Snake In The Grass (Instrumental)
Jam City – Scene Girl
Louis Blaise – Love And Gwalla (Phillip D. Kick Remix)
Africa Hitech – Foot Step
Ean – AulderKincher
Throwing Snow – Le Coeur
Doshy – Plastic
ASC, Riya – The Touch
SPL – Nihil
SpectraSoul – Organiser
Effect – Bootstrap
Pyro – Netrunnerz
Flame – Ejecto
Future Signal – Grime House
Commix – Broken Man
Crossfire – The Signz
BCee – Glitter Balls
Desimal – Hyperboria
Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink – Test Me
DJ Drama – My Moment (Instrumental)
Rob Da Dopeman – 381 November Free Beat 2012
Kanye West – Clique (Instrumental)
Arkist & Kidkut – Vanilla Imitate
Hxdb, Distal – Booyant
Lex Luger – Waka Flocka – Grove St Party (Instrumental)
Stunnstarr – Grime Cello (Instrumental)
Dark Ages – Wrong Ghetto
Ryan Hemsworth – Slurring (Baauer Remix)
Babylon System & Antiserum – California Style
Ambassadeurs – My World
Liar – Door Next Girl

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